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For Release: February 1, 2010

Until You Come Home: Songs for Veterans and Their Kin

A new compilation CD about war and its toll produced by George Mann

George Mann announces the release of “Until You Come Home,” a CD compilation that speaks of the horrors of war and its toll on those who serve and their families. This new CD features many well-known folk artists, such as John Gorka, Magpie, Holly Near, Tom Paxton, and Utah Phillips, as well as Mann and Julius Margolin, his former singing partner, who died at the age of 93 during production of this CD.

Arlon Bennett, Canadian folksingers Jon Brooks and Rodney Brown, Walt Cronin, Laurie MacAllister and Amy Speace, Emily Nyman, David Rovics and Eric Schwartz are also featured on the 16-track, 60-minute CD that is being independently released through

Producer George Mann, a singer/songwriter based in New York City, said he was inspired by the book “Voices of Vets” and the work of Veterans for Peace and The Welcome Home Project. “There is a concerted effort underway to ease the transition back to post-service life for our veterans, in a way that recognizes that they have been affected, and wounded in various ways, by their service,” Mann said. “It is up to the community to help in that process, and this CD is our contribution to acknowledging the toll that these wars have taken on our service members and their families.”

Mann has issued other compilations such as the “Hail to the Thief!” series and will be doing concerts with a number of artists featured on “Until You Come Home” over the next year. The independently produced CD will be featured on websites and sold through veterans and other activist groups.
Here is the track listing:

1. Streams of Gold (George Mann)
2. The Rift (Walt Cronin)
3. Writing in the Margins (John Gorka)
4. Michael (Magpie)
5. War Resister (Jon Brooks)
6. When Johnny Came Marching Home (David Rovics)
7. I Am Willing (Holly Near)
8. Welcome Back to the USA (Eric Schwartz)

9. Casualty of War (Rodney Brown)
10.  The Unknown (Tom Paxton)
11. Give Me A Dream (Emily Nyman)
12. Yellow Ribbon (Utah Phillips)
13. Endless War (Julius Margolin)
14. Bandana Man (Arlon Bennett)
15. When the War is Won
(Laurie MacAllister & Amy Speace)
16. Welcome Home (George Mann)

Copies of Until You Come Home are available for $15 or two CD for $25 (includes postage and shipping). Bulk copies, as well as review copies for journalists and reviewers, are available. International orders please add $3 for postage. Checks or money orders may be sent to:

George Mann, P.O. Box 435, Ithaca, NY 14851 .

Online purchase:

For more information and audio clips, visit