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“Streams of Gold” by George Mann
Produced by George Mann
Recorded at Eastside Sound, NYC and Electric Wilburland Studios, Newfield, NY
Engineered by Will Russell and Eric Elterman
Mixed by Will Russell
Drums: Scott Supeck
Bass: Marty Confurius
Acoustic and Electric Guitars, E-Bow: George Mann
Keyboards: George Mann
Lead Vocals: George Mann
Harmony Vocals: Myriam Valle

“The Rift” by Walt Cronin
Produced by Martin Beal
Recorded at The Racket Room, Santa Ana, CA
Engineered and mixed by Marty Beal
Drum Programming: Martin Beal
Bass: Martin Beal
Acoustic Guitars: Walt Cronin, Martin Beal
Piano/Keys: Martin Beal
Lead Vocals: Walt Cronin

“Writing in the Margins” by John Gorka
Produced, engineered and mixed by Rob Genadek
Recorded at The Brewhouse, Minneapolis, MN
Drums: J.T. Bates
Bass: Joel Sayles
Acoustic Guitar: John Gorka
Electric Guitar: Dirk Freymuth
Keyboards: Tommy Barbarella
Lead Vocals: John Gorka

“Michael” by Magpie (Greg Artzner and Terry Leonino)
Produced by Terry Leonino
Recorded at Nevessa Production, Woodstock, NY
Engineered by Chris Andersen
Mixed by Chris Andersen
Acoustic Guitars: Greg Artzner
Harmonica: Terry Leonino
Vocals: Greg Artzner and Terry Leonino

“War Resister” by Jon Brooks
Produced by Pat Simmonds
Recorded at Crystal Clear Sound, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Engineered by Jason LaPrade
Mixed by Jason LaPrade and Pat Simmonds
Acoustic Guitars and Vocals: Jon Brooks

“When Johnny Came Marching Home” by David Rovics
Produced by Sean Staples and David Rovics
Recorded at HI-N-Dry Studio, Somerville, MA
Engineered by Dave Westner
Mixed by Dave Westner and Sean Staples
Acoustic Guitar: Sean Staples
Electric Guitar: Sean Staples
Pump Organ: Jabe Beyer
Banjo: Eric Royer
Lead Vocals: David Rovics

“I Am Willing” by Holly Near
Produced by: Holly Near
Recorded at: Mesa Recording, Fantasy Studios and Knob & Tube
Mixed at Knob & Tube
Drums: Paul van Wageningen
Bass: Jan Martinelli
Guitar: Nina Gerber
Keyboards: John Bucchino
Vocals: Holly with Libby McLaren
Support vocals arranged by Libby McClaren

“Welcome Back to the USA” by Eric Schwartz
Produced by Neale Eckstein, Eric Schwartz, Jonathan Grossman
Recorded at Fox Run Studios, Rifkin Productions
Engineered by Neale Eckstein, Marty Rifkin, Tim Burlingame
Mixed by Jonathan Grossman at Jumbo Music Group Studios
Drums: Steve Bankuti
Bass: Eric Schwartz
Acoustic Guitars: Eric Schwartz, Kevin So, Marty Rifkin
Electric Guitars: Tim Burlingame, Marty Rifkin
Pedal Steel: Marty Rifkin
Piano/Keys: Eric Schwartz
Lead Vocals: Eric Schwartz
Harmony Vocals: Genevieve, Eric Schwartz

“Casualty of War” by Rodney Brown
Produced by Ian Tamblyn
Recorded at Teletune Studio, Ottawa
Engineered by Ken Kanwisher
Mixed at Speed of Sound Studio by Dave Bignell and Ian Tamblyn
Drums: Tobias Smith
Bass: Ken Kanwisher
Acoustic Guitars: Rodney Brown
Piano/Keys: Ian Tamblyn
Lead Vocals: Rodney Brown
Trumpet: Bill Rowat

“The Unknown” by Tom Paxton
Produced by Bob Gibson
Recorded live at the Old Town School of Folk Music
Engineered by Steve Fisk
Mixed by Tim Butler
Bass: Rich Maisel
Acoustic Guitars: Tom Paxton, Billy Panda
Vocals: Tom Paxton

“Give Me A Dream” by Emily Nyman
Produced by Emily Nyman and Lynn Berry
Recorded, Engineered, and Mixed at Hideaway Studios by Emily Nyman
Vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, and synthesizer: Emily Nyman

“Yellow Ribbon” by Utah Phillips
Produced by Dakota Sid Clifford
Recorded at Flying Whale Studios
Engineered and mixed by Bruce Wilcox
Acoustic Guitar and Vocals: Utah Phillips

“Endless War” by Julius Margolin
Produced by George Mann
Recorded at Eastside Sound, NYC
Engineered by Marc Urselli
Mixed by Marc Urselli
Vocals: Julius Margolin

“Bandana Man” by Arlon Bennett
Produced by Donnie Skaggs, Bob Harris and Arlon Bennett
Recorded at Bayou Recording, Nashville, TN & Ampersand Records, Bridgewater, NJ
Engineered by Craig Johnston (TN) and by Bob Harris (NJ)
Mixed by Bob Harris
Drums: Steve Holland
Bass: Dow Tomlin
Pedal Steel: Tony Paoletta
Acoustic Guitars: Arlon Bennett
Piano/Keys: Rodger Morris
Lead Vocals: Arlon Bennett
Harmony Vocals: Amy Speace

“When The War Is Won” by Erik Balkey and Pat Wictor
Engineered, mixed and produced by Tom Prasada-Rao
Recorded at Wildwood Tofu Bar in Richardson, TX
All Instruments: Tom Prasada-Rao
Lead Vocals: Laurie MacAllister
Harmony Vocals: Amy Speace

“Welcome Home” by George Mann
Produced by George Mann
Recorded at Electric Wilburland Studios, Newfield, NY
Engineered by Will Russell
Mixed by Will Russell
Acoustic & Electric Guitars, E-Bow, Pump Organ,
Harmonica, Vocals: George Mann